please hand stained notes in at the nearest police station or bank branch

  • Founded 2008
  • Affiliated to Banknote Watch International
  • Fully supports and co-operates with the South African Reserve Bank in the
    fight against the criminal use of stained banknotes and financial crime
  • Major South African banks
  • Dedicated to enhancing cash security in South Africa
  • Become certified member of BNW SA, affiliated to BNW International
  • Targeted networking with industry, technology users and regulators
  • Right to use BNW SA logo with words “member of Banknote Watch SA”
  • Participation increases BNW SA’s ability to enhance cash security in South Africa
  • Participation means contributing to at least one annual national campaign promoting banknote degradation technology and public understanding that a “stained note is probably a stolen note”, i.e. involvement in an ongoing BNW SA national crime prevention campaign
  • Through membership of, and support for, the association, BNW SA will be better placed to ensure that best practices are maintained and standards adhered to, benefitting the industry as a whole and every group in it
  • Become part of a national and international information-sharing system
  • Opportunity to shape BNW SA policy
  • Opportunity to post press releases on BNW SA portal
  • Hyperlink to your website on BNW SA portal
  • Included in member listing on BNW SA portal
  • Opportunity to be elected to Executive Committee of BNW SA
  • International links with other interest groups and Banknote Watch International

To join us, email Clive Crompton, Chairman of BNW SA at clive@banknotewatch.co.za