please hand stained notes in at the nearest police station or bank branch

  • Founded 2008
  • Affiliated to Banknote Watch International
  • Fully supports and co-operates with the South African Reserve Bank in the
    fight against the criminal use of stained banknotes and financial crime
  • Major South African banks
  • Dedicated to enhancing cash security in South Africa

Protecting cash is an important crime prevention measure. Enhanced cash security may be brought about by use of cash protection technologies and application of industry best practices, in combination with collaboration between industry players and police services.

The South African Reserve Bank, commercial banks, cash‐in‐transit companies, retail organisations and the ATM industry form the backbone of the cash cycle. Globally and nationally, cash remains the preferred method for personal and smaller consumer payments. Cash is vital to the functioning of the economy. It is therefore incumbent upon industry and law enforcement agencies to ensure everything possible is done to protect this cash cycle.

The staging of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 in South Africa raised the profile of the country to a high international status. In this context it is essential for a successful campaign to be launched to reinforce the security of cash in the country.

Banknote Watch South Africa aims to enhance cash security nationally through highly coordinated annual campaigns of public awareness encompassing banknote degradation as a method of “removing the reward” for criminal attacks on cash. It is a crime prevention initiative based on educating the public, retailers, commercial banks, the gaming industry and law enforcement agencies about the simple fact that “a stained note is probably stolen” and to alert members of the public of the risk of accepting such a note.

Its broad social aim is to prevent criminals profiting from the proceeds of crime and to reduce the risk of businesses becoming the victims of commercial robbery.

Banknote Watch depends upon a tight‐knit partnership between manufacturers/installers & users of currency protection devices, government, South African Bank Risk Information Center (SABRIC), the South African Reserve Bank, commercial banks, retail organisations, the Gaming Industry, South African Police Service and other organisations involved with banknote degradation.

  • To enhance cash security and reduce criminal attacks against cash in South Africa
  • To increase the deterrent impact of cash staining security systems and other currency protection devices
  • To create an ongoing public national campaign in South Africa to raise awareness that a “stained note is probably stolen” and to alert members of the public of the risk of accepting such a note
  • To encourage prompt withdrawal of stained bank notes from circulation in South Africa
  • To form an inclusive and confidential network, protected, when required, by non‐disclosure agreements, for exchanging information, data, ideas, success stories, etc about banknote degradation
  • Interface with other crime deterring initiatives e.g. CRIM Project
  • To make recommendations and/or champion changes to legislation
  • To support the development of open and transparent standards for currency protection devices

Membership of Banknote Watch SA is inclusive and fully representative of the cash industry and associated organisations and services, including government, gaming industry, police and retail groups. Members are expected to uphold the good name and the ethical and business standards of the Banknote Watch group